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CLOUD ULTRA is a running nad mounntanering activity that lasts a whole day in a natural environment in remote mountains.  Although the organizer tries its best to minimize the risks that participants cannot predict and control.  It is participants responsibility to avoid danger and protect their own safety during the event. For this reason, for possible accidents and severe weather (low temperature, strong wind, rain and snow, etc.), the organizer requires participants to have the skills, knowledge, equipment, physical strength and self-management ability to deal with these situations.


CLOUD ULTRA 是在山勢起伏的自然環境中,持續一整天的跑步活動。雖然主辦單位盡力將參加者無法預測及控制的風險降到最低,但在活動期間,避開危險及保障自身安全是參加者的責任。正因如此,對於有可能出現的意外及惡劣天氣(低溫、強風、下雨和落雪等)主辦單位要求此參加者除了具備應付有關情況的技能、知識、裝備、體力和自我管理能力。此外,參加者亦須對其結果負責。

Participants has to follow strictly mandatory equipment and certain rules otherwise may be disqualified. Before and during the event will be random check of your gear, if you will miss any mandatory equipment you may not continue without it. You can let any garbage in CP, but don’t pollute on course.


The course is designed that runner has to be almost independent, so call semi-autonomy. The time spent (regardless of the distance between them) between check points can be very long. Only in CP can gain liquid and energy for next stage, there are not any sources in mountains. 


Important! Participant must clearly understand that first supply check point is after 17.5km and 2250m of elevation gain. It takes 5 to 7 hours reach this check point. Participants has to start with 2 to 3 litters of liquid and at least 1000 kCal are required.

重要!參加者必須非常清楚,第一個補給站為於17.5公里及上升2250公尺海拔之後。到達第一個補給站cpA需要5到7個小時(平均6個小時)。一開始需要2或3公升液體和至少1000千卡路里熱量(1000 kCal)補充。

Particiapnts must understand the difficulty and risk of the activity. It is recommended to wear rock climbing safety helemt in some sections. It is strongly recommended to wear safery helmet from 肥崠山 (長壽山) and over 鳶嘴山.

參加者務必了解活動里程的困難度及風險,在某些攀岩區段建議戴上攀岩用安全頭盔。肥崠山 (長壽山) 到鳶嘴山強烈建議使用安全頭盔。


  • *join Cloud Ultra 73km required be finisher at least 50km of trail race (ITRA-3, better ITRA-4) (eg. Formosa Trail 75,Ultra Maokong 50)
  • *join Cloud Ultra 58km required be finisher at least 40km of trail race (ITRA-2, better ITRA-3) (eg. Run Through The Jungle 34,TBT50, Formosa Trail 40)
  • Have high altitude experience in mountans above 3000m
  • ITRA record is required , visit and note during registration
  • It is very unliky you can join without ITRA, but you can contact us via email


  • *參加73公里需求: 至少完成50公里以上越野里程(ITRA-3,最好是有ITRA-4)(例如. Formosa Trail 75,Ultra Maokong 50)
  • *參加58公里需求: 至少完成40公里以上越野里程(ITRA-2,最好是有ITRA-3)(例如. 叢林野跑 34, Formosa Trail 40)
  • *具備攀登3000公尺以上高山的經驗
  • 請查閱ITRA點數(,並且在報名系統上加以備註
  • 如果沒有任何ITRA點數,請考量賽程的困難度後,並請直接與我們聯繫~

Mandatory Equipment

  • At least 2.5 liters of water capacity (bottle bags on both sides are not enough)
    2 headlights equipped with sufficient batteries (2 devices)
  • water proof jacket
  • Health insurance card
  • Fully charged mobile phone and store the contact phone number of the organizer (0963-539346)
  • Whistle and compass
  • Headgear with sun protection function (buff or hat)
    Energy reserve (Supplies with a minimum of 1000 calories, such as Runivore energy bars)
  • Chip and BIB number(need to be placed in front of the body)
  • Flask or bring your own water cup (the replenishment station will not provide water cups, to avoid waste and a large amount of discarding and cause environmental pollution, please be sure to bring a personal water cup to use the beverages provided by check point)
  • Emergency blanket or similar warm blanket
  • At least NT$500 in cash
  • GPS device (e.g. Coros, Garmin, Suunto support simple navigation function) or a smartphone loaded with the route of the race (the race gps file will be provided on the official website of the event)
  • Elastic bandage


  • 隨身攜帶至少2.5公升水(兩側前水壺袋是不夠的)
  • 2個頭燈裝有充足電池(2種照裝備)
  • 防水外套
  • 健保卡或護照
  • 充足電的手機並儲存主辦單位的聯絡電話號碼(0963-539346)
  • 哨子及指南針
  • 有防曬功能的頭套(頭巾或是帽子)
  • 能量儲備(最少1000大卡的補給品,例如: Runivore能量棒)
  • 晶片及號碼布(需要放在身體前面)
  • 水壺或是自備水杯(補給站將不會提供水杯,避免浪費及大量丟棄製造環境污染,請務必攜帶個人水杯方便使用補給站提供的飲料)
  • 緊急用救生毯或類似的保暖毯
  • 現金最少攜帶500元台幣
  • GPS裝置(例如: Coros, Garmin, Suunto 支援簡單的導航功能) 或者載入賽程路徑的智慧型手機並 (賽程gps檔案將提供活動官方網)
  • 彈性繃帶

Very Recommended

  • Climbing or bike safety helmet over certain sections (over 肥崠山 and鳶嘴山)
  • Extra water and nutrition
  • Long sleeve mid layer
  • First aid kit (adhesive tape, disinfectant, lighter, mosquito reppelent, abrasion ointment, blister pad, etc.)
  • Electrolytes
  • Please leave rubbish in check point, do not pollute


  • 攀岩用安全頭盔(肥崠山到鳶嘴山,強烈建議)
  • 背包裡請攜帶額外的裝有水的水壺
  • 預防氣候變化,請準備長袖上衣或保護手臂被刮傷
  • 急救包(膠布,消毒劑,打火機,防蚊液,擦傷藥膏,水泡墊等)
  • 電解質
  • 途中如產生任何垃圾,請留置補給站,勿恣意丟棄山林中污染環境

Course Marking

  • Short cuts are not permitted. Every runner must stay on the way-marked paths. Any runner who voluntarily leaves the way-marked path is no longer under the responsibility of the organization.
  • Runner has to pay attention for marking and be present on course, in case feel lost return back in same way to last ribbon and figure out. Change of direction or turns will be marked at least with two closer ribbons and within 50 meters will be situated confirmation ribbon. In trail without turns will be ribbons at least every 200 m. Signs of direction will be used rarely; there will not be marshals on course.


  • 參賽者應緊隨標示賽道前進。即使休息時,每位參賽選手都必須留在賽道上。任何一個參賽選手如果擅自偏離賽道而導致任何意外,主辦單位將不為其承擔任何責任。
  • 參加者必須注意標示及出席活動,如果發現迷路了,請沿著原路回到上一標示點再確認路線。方向改變或是轉彎處至少會有兩條較靠近的布條,範圍在50公尺內的有確認布條。山徑裡如果沒有轉彎的地方,至少每200公尺會一個標示。不會使用太多的方向指標,山徑裡也不會有工作人員。

Cut TImes ⏱

The maximum time for the event, for the totality of the course is:

  • 73km: 21 hours (option downgrade to 58km)
  • 58km: 20 hours

Cut times in each CP will be specified to enable participants to reach the finish after maximum time. In the case of poor meteorological conditions and/or for reasons of safety, the organization reserves the right to modify the course and the time barriers.

At interesection “X” is allowed change distance from 73km to 58km. After certain time will be forced to change (11:59am).

This event will be held during raining. Should there be any typhoons (land warning) nor any natural disaster; in order for participants’ safeties, organizers have the right to cancel, delay, or change the event schedule (routes). For updates, please refer to organizer’s announcement.


關門時限 ⏱


  • 73公里: 21小時 (選擇降組到58公里)
  • 58公里: 20小時


考量安全性,在路口”X”點允許73公里組降組至58公里組,或在某些時段強制降組 (11:59am)。

賽事於雨天正常舉行, 若因颱風或其他自然災難, 為了參與者的安全, 大會有權取消, 延後或延期賽事排程。
相關資訊, 請注意大會公告。

Medical assistance 

  • Except special cicumstanse of injury or illness participants cannot withdraw from the acticity ouside of check point. If you decide to leave the race, you can do it only at an organized official check point.
  • Your safety depends upon the quality of the materials which you have in your pack.
  • First aid posts are positioned at Check Points and event venue. Please refer to event map. There may be medical team on duty during the event.
  • If particiapnts are unable to walk due to injuries or discomfort, the paricipant shall contact organizers via phone.
  • Attention! It is obligatory that you do not leave a person who is in difficulty alone. If you or another competitor is immobilized please assist and contact organizers.
  • The course is not reserved only for participants. Participants shoul avoid collisions with other users (hikers, mountain climbers, etc.) or block course. Participants are not allowed to pass others in narrow areas. Pass others do gently with verbal warning.
  • Pleaese avoid damaging of trail or any property on the route.
  • The acticity may include private land, please do not enter the area outside of the designated route.
  • The venue is near of the residental area, please avoid noise.
  • Remember: Assisting an injured runner in difficulty is an absolute must.
  • If you or another competitor is immobilized:
    • Call the race organizers number 0963-539-346
    • Give your position and reference point (use map from organizers)
    • Explain simply the situation
  • If you are in difficulty and telephone network is unavailable:
    • Wait for a other participant and ask to alert the closest member of the organization
    • Stay with the second runner until the rescue team arrives
  • If for any reason it is impossible to make contact with the course organizer, you can call directly the rescue services 119 (especially if you find yourselves in a zone « emergency call only » as several sections do not have mobile network coverage, try call 112 Emergency call).


  • 除了傷病的特殊情況,參加者不能在補給站之外的地方退出活動。如退出活動的參加者必須通知補給站的負責人,由工作人員記錄號碼布號碼並取回電子計時晶片作為退出手續。
  • 參加者的安全將取決於跟身的指定裝備之品質。
  • 急救站設於補給站及會場,可參看大會地圖。活動期間將有醫療隊伍值班。
  • 當參加者或主辦單位相關人員因受傷或不適等原因而無法走動時,參加者應優先協助他們,並聯絡主辦單位。
  • 假如發現橫臥或蹲在活動路線上的參加者,請揚聲並確認其健康狀況和症狀。如有需要,請優先協助該參加者,並聯絡主辦單位。
  • 活動路線非由主辦單位佔有。參加者應避免阻礙路徑的其他使用者(遠足人士、攀山者等)。在禁止超前的區域,參加者禁止越過其他參加者及使用者。即使在允許超前的區域,亦請跑步於路徑寬敞處放慢速度,步行越過其他使用者。請別忘記與越過或迎面遇上的其他使用者打招呼。
  • 請避免損壞活動路線上的建築物。
  • 活動路線上可能包括私人土地、等平日禁止進入的特別區域。請勿進入指定路線以外的區域。
  • 活動路線附近為住宅區,請避免制造噪音。
  • 注意!發揮互助精神,若遇上其他參加者受傷或不適,應加以援手並通知急救站的工作人員。
  • 如果在活動過程中出現不宜繼續或嚴重受傷的情況,請及時尋求協助:
    • 致電主辦單位 0963-539-346
    • 提供您的位置及參考點
    • 簡單敘述遇到的情形
  • 假如您遇到任何困難,並且手機沒有訊號:
    • 請在原地等待其他參加者,並且一起找到有手機訊號的地方
    • 等其他參加者並請他通知主辦單位的工作人員
  • 在無法聯絡主辦單位的情況下,可以直接撥打119救援電話(特別身處不在移動網絡覆蓋範圍內,請使用112 « 緊急呼救»)。


It is semi-autonomy event and drop bag are only at start/finish. Please mark you bag and drop it in certain place with assistance in race start. Organizer will not be responsible for individual valuable goods. Organizer will not be responsible for loses of individual valuable goods/items.



Environmental Responsibility

The activity, trail-running, takes place in open country, in contact to the flora and fauna. Please safe environment, don’t damage parts of nature as rocks, trees., etc. It is strictly prohibited to leave litter in the nature. Any runner seen throwing his rubbish on the course will be automatically disqualified. Please let rubbish in Check Points.



Event cancellation

The organizers reserve the right to cancel or cut short the event for the following reasons: adverse weather conditions, landslides, rockfalls or hill fires along the course, protests or blockage along the course, force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the organizer and which renders it impossible, unsafe or impractical to hold the event. A force majeure event shall include, but is not limited to, act of God, war, hostilities, acts or threats of terrorism. In such event no refund of the registration fee will be provided.


主辦單位有權決定是否取消或縮短路線,如遇下列狀況: 極端天氣狀況,坍方,土石流,落石,若逢颱風或嚴重的豪雨,集會遊行,抗議或堵塞沿著路線等人力不可抗力之天災及人為因素等。